Aadit Patel

Programmer, Data Science, Ads & Finance. Based out of San Francisco, CA

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Lu
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  1. Using Artificial Intelligence to Induce Colony Formation

    Project QuickLinks Project Report GitHub Project Source Code Intro As part of my M.S. in Computer Science at UCLA, I partook in a class called Animats, in which we studied artificial agents in software that had capabilities to learn, adapt to, and interact with their respective software environments. The…

    on AI, q-learning, python, matplotlib

  2. Creating My Own Private Social Network - Proof of Concept

    If you were to venture over to virafamily.com, you'd see a Home page with an image slider of my family, a bunch of nonsensical placeholder text, a couple of unfurnished web pages (the About and Family Tree pages), and a Dashboard page, which you must be logged in to…

    on social networks, php, laravel, sqlite3

  3. Chrome Extension Download Stats

    After less than a month of being on the Chrome Web App store, my YouTube Chrome extension has gotten some relatively decent exposure for being such a small app that was developed in less than 3 hours. As of date, it currently has ~2k users and is getting about 2k-2.…

    on video, youtube, chrome app, youtube sort

  4. Chrome Extension for YouTube Video Sorting

    Usually when I hear a new artist I like on Pandora, I head over to YouTube to find some of their other hits. Until recently, it was rather easy to sort the search results by View Count or Average Rating to find the most popular songs, but it looks like…